And we’re off!

One would ideally embark on a long journey organized, rested and calm. One would prefer not to be a little hung over, with only a few hours sleep on the clock and open-ended plans (I use the word plans very loosely here).

One of the only possible scenarios in which you would pick the latter,would be if it involved a breathtaking view, epic Johannesburg sunset, loads of awesome people in one venue, lashings of red wine charmingly / ominously called “Live-a-Little”, moonlit dancing on one of the city’s prettiest balcony’s and – most importantly – your closest friends making life-long commitments to each other.

There could be no better send off from a city that has been my home for the last 8 years. If one had to find themselves in a grey European airport waiting for their connecting flight to Colombia on even less sleep before, you would want to be looking over awesome photo’s, chuckling at (sometimes blurry) memories and thanking your lucky stars for such amazing friends.

So I’m still alive Mom. Just. In desperate need of some coffee and / or sleep but very excited for what has been and is to come.








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