Tayrona National Park Beach “Stroll”

What better way to relax after a grueling wedding than in the Caribbean.
We headed to Roddodero, Santa Marta on the northern coast for some much needed beach time.
Our hosts organized that we visit the Tayrona National Park 25km north of Santa Marta, where the government has protected some of the most scenic coastlines and area with rich flora and fauna.
No-one told us this fauna included rattle snakes, scorpions and some of the scariest looking spiders I’ve ever seen but luckily we survived unscathed.
We also arrived under the completely false impression that the best beach was just a “45 minute stroll you can do in your slops”away. Once safely/ trapped on the bus we discovered we actually had a two hour hike, including climbing a mountain and 4 beaches to cross, ahead of us.


The first sighting of the coast from the top of the mountain we’d just climbed wasn’t anything to sneeze at. But this was only the first beach in what was to a be a biggest beach teases of a hike ever!


But let’s not lie, if you’re going to tease, unspoiled, amazing beaches fringed with tropical forest palm trees must be right up there. Here is beaches 2 and 3 ….


We arrived at what we thought was our much awaited lunch and swim spot …. Only to find out it was beach 3.5 and so trudged on hoping to make it to the promised land.


And what a promised land it was.
Twin mini-bays shadowed by perfect palm trees, warm waves lapping up into crunchy sand, which seemed to have glittering gold flecks in it (and other things you never thought you would seriously say or write). We wasted no time in hitting the water after ordering lunch.



If you find yourself in the area, Tayrona is definitely worth a visit. You can even rent a tent or stay over night in one of the Eco-lodges. We, however, had another rediculously beautiful but humid two hour hike ahead.



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