Panama City pit stop

I tried to like Panama City.

Maybe it was a reaction to a crowded, busy city after the blissful San Blas islands. Maybe it was the clearly inadequate refuge collection or the muggy, overcast heat. Maybe it was the creepiest cat calls I’ve ever experienced. Also I will never complain about Joburg traffic again after seeing Panama City roads.

But there were some highlights. I can tick the Panama canal off my bucket list. My best part was the loud, over-enthusiastic commentary blasted over the loud speakers of the Miraflores lock’s viewing deck. This included profiles of the ships, countdowns of the minutes each lock would take to complete its task and, of course, complete past Panama canal stats and anecdotes. You may have been watching container ships pass a point but it felt strangely addictive. There may have even been the odd cheer involved.





Panama City is also well known for its seafood and I went straight to the source meeting some of my old San Blas sail mates and Captain at Mercado de Mariscos, a restaurant above the harbor fish market.



That last shot is the Peruvian style ceviche I had – so good! (and yes, I photographed my food. Instagrammed sunsets next)

Maybe I didn’t give it enough time … Or maybe I just needed to head back to the beach.


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