Mexico’s Chiapas featuring San Christobal del la Casis and the Sumidero Canyon (I think)

I’m in Mexico. San Christobal de las Casis to be precise.
It’s another picturesque, cobble-streeted, historic town, this time in the Chiapas region of Mexico.
I’m not sure whether it’s the mountain air, autumn tones, quality of light or hippie/hipster vibe, but everything in this place seems to just be real-life instagrammed.



One of San Christobal’s unique features are the two cathedrals lording over the town from both the East and West lookout points. Climbing up each gives remarkable views of a bustling town, surrounding mountains and, of course, more churches (the Catholics were if nothing else persistent).


Yes, those are local boxers taking to the stairs down there. Cue Eye of the Tiger.



But the town is arguably better known for its revolutionary past. San Christobal was after all the city the Zapatista’s took over for a short while in 1994. They’re still around today just hidden up in the hills advocating non-violent resistance against the Mexican government and workers and indigenous rights. Apparently you can visit one of their beleclava’ed camps up in the hills after passing rigorous security tests and under strict instruction not to photograph members so that they can be identified. Guide books warn against exploring the mountains by yourself in case you hit upon signs threatening gringo’s and Mexicans.
Meanwhile in San Christobal, coffee shops and t-shirt retailers are only too happy to market their particular brand of revolutionary chic without any irony that this is attached to a movement against poverty and long time marginalization of the downtrodden local community.




In stead of the Zapa visit (which in stead I spent a long time reading about), I headed to check out some of the scenery the Chiapas is known for. Even though I somehow managed to book myself on an all Spanish tour, boating through the Sumidero Canyon was one of the most awe inspiring things I have done. Needless to say details are sketchy, but it was really good to get lost in the massive scale of some river and some cliff faces, somewhere in the south of Mexico








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