Cancun, baby!

North, always north. This is how I regularly describe my travel plans to all who ask.
So what would make me change path, I hear you ask?
Turns out the answer would be Cancun, baby!

It represents the very evils of all-inclusive-resort, inauthentic tourism to most hippie / backpacker / hipster types. But I was game for something a little different, keen to hit a beach again and maybe check out a club or two (I have been remarkably well behaved on these travels, for the record). So I prepared to temporarily part with culture, taste and those know-it-all hippie / backpacker / hipster types and head back West to the Caribbean.

I admit to heading out for the night as soon as I got there.
Unfortunately / fortunately I don’t have any photos because I was advised against taking my camera out. So you’ll have to take my word on the neon-lit Lady Gaga’s, giant prawn-like alien figures and starship troopers running around and entertaining the packed dance floor. At this point I should also mention Cancun has some of the most dangerous, all-inclusive drinks specials I’ve ever come across. When you order a tequila, they bring you a bottle. In general, though, I found Cancun hell bent on insuring you have a good time with people falling over themselves to make sure you have everything you want, including and especially alcohol.

Luckily you’re in Mexico with the best hang over food in the world …
And these completely un-photoshopped but naturally unreal beaches to recover on.





So I only lasted a night in Cancun (and just at that!!). It’s definitely won’t be kind to your liver or wallet and it’s not the place to meet actual Mexicans.
But in its defense there is actually loads to see in the area, the service is excellent and it is one helluva lot of fun!


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