Busing back on Track: The Scenic Route

It was going to be a long hard slog to get back north.
But Mexico, more specifically the Chiapas, has a lot to offer a long the way. While I was quite proud of myself for finding a collectivo (really a taxi-style bus) that would stop off at the sights I’d missed on my way west, I’d also continued my run of Spanish-only drivers /guides. Truth be told I’ve started to think I can get by without English and I’d like to think it saves money … Except when you’re convinced you’ve been abandoned for all eternity at an ancient Mayan ruin site because you can’t find the bus (with all your luggage) at the time you thought it was meant to meet you.

We started early at the Palenque ruins.



They’ve only excavated 5 percent of these Mayan ruins but they’ve certainly uncovered some amazing detail of an ancient world. It’s also pretty cool wandering a site where excavation is ongoing.




Next up a short stop at Miso-Ha, a waterfall … Or in Spanish a cascada. A much more descriptive word, right?


But the last stop was my favorite.
Aqua Azul, which means blue waters, is a set of cascada’s hidden in the Chiapas. Apparently the Mayan warriors used to believe its water had special powers and came to swim here before battles. Now it’s pretty entertaining to watch both local families and hippie tourists give it a go. But it is a really refreshing and peaceful little swimming hole!




With some other sneaky refreshments on the shore.



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